Monday, July 22, 2002

A conversation I had with a Gateway Tech this afternoon: (I'm not actually looking for a computer but I wanted to see what they would say...and I used the name Robert Paulsen for fun)

Question: Customizing A New Desktop
( Robert Paulsen has joined )
( Rudolf has joined )
Robert Paulsen: hello
Robert Paulsen: I'm looking for a new desktop computer
Rudolf: Hi Robert. Thanks for choosing My name is Rudolf, and I will be your eSales Advisor. How may I help you?
Robert Paulsen: I want something fast
Rudolf: Pentium 4 2GHz is the fastest. Are you interested in financing?
Robert Paulsen: not really...i've got enough put aside to pay for the system all at once
Robert Paulsen: but i don't like windows xp
Rudolf: Okay, what budget do you want to stay within?
Robert Paulsen: about $2500
Rudolf: Do you need MS Word and Excel?
Robert Paulsen: i have a copy of windows 2000 from my old computer (which i wll remove) that i want to put on my new computer
Robert Paulsen: i also have office 2000 already
Rudolf: Do you need a printer or scanner?
Robert Paulsen: i want a computer without an operating system already installed
Rudolf: Can't do that.
Robert Paulsen: why not?
Robert Paulsen: wouldn't it be cheaper for your company?>
Robert Paulsen: why can't i use software I've already paid for?
Rudolf: All of our systems must ship with an OS. You can delete it and install your own if you wish, but it will ship with either WinXP or Win2k.
Robert Paulsen: so i have to pay for software i already own?
Rudolf: yes
Robert Paulsen: thats not reasonalbe rudolf
Robert Paulsen: thank you for your time
Rudolf: All of our systems ship with an optical drive as well.
Robert Paulsen: i think i'll go to now
Rudolf: And a hard drive, and a display, etc.

it was rather funny that he kept trying to sell stuff i hadn't asked for while not answering the questions I asked until I persisted. And after I made it clear that I was not satisfied with their options regarding OSes he tried to gloss over it and move on to finding out what kind of CD/DVD drive I would like to get....I doubt that any message was taken from this, but it was fun to do nonetheless....maybe gateway will get the picture...but probably not :-P.
Word of the Day:
concomitant \kuhn-KOM-uh-tuhnt\ adj.
  1. accompanying, attendant
  2. occurring or existing concurrently
  1. something that accompanies or is collaterally connected with something else
  2. an accompaniment

So has anyone taken my advice and switched to Mozilla or at least away from Internet Explorer? Chances are no one has, but I like Mozilla and I'm sticking with it! I have recently found a bug in Mozilla and most people would see this as a weak point in the browser that Internet Explorer does not have, but I see this as an opportunity to showcase one of the best things about open source software! I've found a bug that limits my ability to use Mozilla for editing my blogger template (as stated in an earlier post) and instead of having to simply wait for the newest release and hope someone involved in coding the browser will have the same problem and look into fixing it, I can report the bug! Now Microsoft probably has a bug reporting mechanism but do they respond to you? Do they take the time to actually fix the problem if it won't make them any more money? I don't think so. On the other hand, the open source guys want to make their software bullet-proof and welcome bug reports as long as you're willing to follow up with them and fully explain what the problem is. My bug report (#157800) was responded to in less than half an hour and in a few days there was a follow-up question asking for more information which I have now provided. If you actually are using Mozilla like I suggested, you too can report any and all bugs you find to their Bugzilla service.