Friday, August 02, 2002

Apparently Web Sense (the software that the company I work for uses to prevent people from playing games and looking at porn at work) is preventing comments from showing up on my blog! Well actually I can't really tell since I haven't tried from anywhere but at work, but I was blocked when I tried to add comments to my new blog that is to be devoted to logging what I do with Linux....mostly so I can have a record of how I fix problems I have :-P....mostly....I also learned something new today: in windows there are .cab files which are usually used for things like archiving drivers and such for installing with the operating system...anyway, the .cab is short for cabinet, how very silly!
Wow its been a while since I've posted...I'm sure everyone who reads this (read: no one) has been very disappointed in my lack of attentiveness to this. Oh well. If you liked that last post go here for another one and possibly some more in the future.