Saturday, August 10, 2002

Word of the Day:
rev·e·nant \REV-uh-nunt\ n.
  1. One who returns after death (as a ghost) or after a long absence

Friday, August 09, 2002

I had something weird happen to me last night. Around 10:30 I signed off AIM and planned to take a shot at setting up X11 in Linux on my old Compaq that is running Slackware Linux 8.1. I've never done this before so I knew this would probably take a while but right after I signed off I was suddenly really tired. I have no idea why but I was afraid that I may have gotten what Jennie has had for the past week or two....the doctor said it may be Mono....which would explain the whole tiredness thing. So instead of working on my computer I decided that I should just go to bed early. After getting in bed I proceeded to lay awake with my eyes closed in bed for about an hour before I actually got to sleep. And I slept....until around 5:30 this morning when I woke up remembering a dream about being stuck behind some big truck on a one lane road and climbing out of my moving card to get on top of the truck and climb over it until I got in front of it. From there I just started walking (I guess the truck stopped...or I'm just that fast) until I got in view of a little town at which point I realised that I had left my car far behind and now travel would be really difficult (now I'm really slow on foot) and so I decided to start walking back toward my car as I woke up. Of course coming out of the dream, I was trying to figure out how all that stuff was supposed to work and why I got out of my car in the first place if I was going to need it on the other side. :-P Oh well its a dream. Anyway, becaue I awoke from several hours of sleep, I had to use the bathroom and did so only to find that the toilet wouldn't flush. I assumed that my brother had broken it (Again!) somehow but I couldn't figure out what was wrong upon looking in the tank. It didn't make any sense, so I checked two other toilets and they had the same problem. At that point I was worried that there was something really wrong with the plumbing to the house but all other water sources seemed to be working. The only thing I can think that could have caused it was the fact that the sprinklers were on at the time since the toilets worked fine when I woke up again at 8. But that brings up a more puzzling are the toilets and the sprinklers related? Does that mean we run through toilet water when we play in the sprinklers?!?!??
Well, today is my last day of work. I'm rather excited about having the next two weeks off (well sort of). I am of course planning to do many more things than I could possibly get done in two weeks and will probably get very few things done at all. But its nice to dream!! As of right now, Jennie may or may not be coming to see me this weekend so I'm eagerly awaiting the final decision. She's going to see a doctor again today to see if she is healthy enough to make the trip and from her description of how she feels, I think she will be. So I'm looking forward to seeing her this weekend but if she isn't well enough, I think I can manage. We go back to skool in two weeks after all!! I can't wait!

Word of the Day:
in·sen·sate \in-SEN-sayt; -sit\ adj.
  1. Lacking sensation or awareness, inanimate
  2. Lacking human feeling or sensitivity
  3. Brutal, cruel
  4. Lacking sense
  5. Stupid, foolish

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Word of the Day:
con·fute \kuhn-FYOOT\ transitive verb
  1. To overwhelm by argument
  2. To refute conclusively
  3. To prove or show to be false

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Word of the Day:
tor·pid \TOR-pid\ adj.
  1. Having lost motion or the power of exertion and feeling
  2. numb, benumbed
  3. Dormant, hibernating or estivating
  4. Dull, sluggish, apathetic

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Word of the Day:
bag·a·telle \bag-uh-TEL\ n.
  1. A trifle
  2. A thing of little or no importance
  3. A short, light musical or literary piece
  4. A game played with a cue and balls on an oblong table having cups or arches at one end

Monday, August 05, 2002

Word of the Day:
pre·pote·n·cy \pree-POTE-n-see\ n.
  1. The quality or condition of having superior power, influence, or force
  2. predominance
  3. (Biology) The capacity, on the part of one of the parents, as compared with the other, to transmit more than his or her own share of characteristics to their offspring